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Authentication Workshop

Multi-factor authentication for digital services, Friday 3 November, 9.00am - 1.00pm

PRESENTER: Vito Fabbrizio, Crossmatch and Head of Biometrics Institute Digital Services Expert Group

Vito serves as Vice President of Solution Engineering and Product Management at Crossmatch. He is a thought leader and expert with deep knowledge in security, strong authentication, biometrics, and identity management; he comes from 20 years of experience in the industry with companies such as digitalPersona before joining Crossmatch. Prior to Crossmatch Vito was responsible for Product Management for AuthenTec/UPEK (acquired by Apple Inc.) where he developed a deep technical knowledge in the Government and Enterprise market. Prior to AuthenTec Vito was part of the TouchChip Business Unit of STMicroelectronics as one of the original members of the team that invented/developed the silicon-based fingerprint sensor technology (technology now in Apple TouchID).
Vito has graduated summa cum laude from a PhD-like research program on Parallel Computing with the Italian Government and the University of Pavia.



Digital Services Group: modernizing authentication

In today’s environment of both massive cyber breaches and individual identity hacks, authentication must modernize to ensure the security of applications, data, and user information, both on the web and on mobile devices.  Usernames and passwords are yesterday’s news (and critically insecure). The world of digital services is evolving at an incredible pace and the solutions being developed to help verify an individual’s authenticity/ID are evolving at a similar pace, yet many applications continue to rely on passwords alone. Biometrics are not a ‘silver bullet’ that can solve the world’s online authentication issues, but they can be combined to create an accurate and reliable ‘factor’ in a multi-factor authentication approach.


Cybersecurity in the Digital World and best practices on how to be protected
(Decision Point for Selecting a Modern Multifactor Authentication Solution)

Mobile Biometrics in Financial Services: A Five Factor Framework

Panel discussion
The Power of Choice: Why multimodal biometrics are taking over consumer facing application and implication for commercial/civil application

Beyond Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence With Machine Learning:
practical use cases for behavioural biometrics

Identity Proofing: bringing the transaction within risk tolerance

The University of Notre Dame
1 Suffolk St, London SW1Y 4HG

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